640km on One Liter of Fuel

The Shell Eco-Marathon Europe, a fuel-efficiency challenge, took place in Rotterdam in July 2015. Among Polish teams, the Iron Warriors achieved the most fuel-efficient performance. The team highlights the fact that 3D printing was an important factor in their score.

Szymon Madziara, from the Iron Warriors, told us, that the low weight yet durable elements 3D printed on Zortrax M200, helped them to reduce the vehicle mass.

– By using 3D printing technology we could reduce the weight of the vehicle and boost the score in Rotterdam. 3D printed gear, which is a part of propulsion transmission, is both durable and 3 times lighter than if we did it with the aluminum. To reduce the mass, we have 3D printed parts for carrying heavy loads, and then cover them with carbon fiber. The effect was fantastic, so we decided to use this technique for our next vehicle – the goal is to score 1 000 km on 1 liter.

Electric Vehicle at the Legendary Silverstone

Only a week after the Shell Eco-Marathon, the world’s largest student motorsport event took place at the legendary Silverstone track in the UK. Formula Student challenges student engineers to design, build and race a single seat racing car in one year. Ross Brown, famous engineer working for the best teams in the F1, patronage the event.

KU e-Racing team from the Kingston University, London claim the 1st prize for 2 years in a row and this year they wanted to do it again. This time the team raise the bar again. They decided to take part in several different events across the UE within few months.

Krzysztof Hockuba, member of KU e-Racing team, told us that they have cooperated with several different companies to develop their car. The 3D printer provided by Zortrax was used to create the model later tested in the wind tunnel. This helped to examine the air resistance and allow the team to determine the shape of new vehicle. They improved aerodynamic properties and maximized the downforce on the car which improves handling of the car.

The vehicle used several parts 3D printed on Zortrax M200 to reduce the vehicle mass and cost. The pedals, housing for telemetry devices and even components for the cockpit to name just a few. The use of 3D printing allows to use elements specially designed for the project and difficult to obtain.

The Future of Automotive

Both Iron Warriors and KU e-Racing teams admitted that 3D printing will lead to the revolution in the automotive. The main reason for that is possibility to create durable yet cheap parts 3D printed in a required shape.

– Zortrax is a producer of professional and reliable solution for 3D printing industry. Recently we have noticed that schools and universities become more and more interested in 3D printing. So we decided to support young engineers from the Kingston University and Lodz University of Technology – said Karolina Bołądź, COO at Zortrax.

– We also observe growing interest in 3D printing from the automotive industry. They use our technology in many ways, from testing to prototyping and even end-use production. It allows them to save both – time and money.


Additional Information

– Formula KU e-Racing test the bolide in the wind tunnel video: click here

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– Formula KU e-Racing official website: http://www.kue-racing.co.uk/

– Iron Warriors official website: http://www.ironwarriorsteam.pl/

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