This year’s SS 16 fashion show presented a diverse range of interesting projects and daring solutions; trademark characteristics for Balkan fashion designers. But it was Irina Tosheva who stole the show and definitely stood out amongst the other designers; attracting a lot of attention with her innovative approach and her ability to seamlessly connect two seemingly different fields – technology and fashion.

What can 3D printing solutions offer the fashion world? The answer is, quite simply, diversity. 3D printing technology offers users unlimited possibilities and allows them to create exceptional projects, as well as unusual decorations and accessories that couldn’t possibly be made in any other way. When using 3D printers, designers have unlimited freedom to create any sort of additions, elements or jewelry they desire. When considering 3D printing’s low exploitation costs; this is an ideal technological solution for professional designers, students or even beginners workshops. Elements which often used to take weeks to create can now be made in a fraction of the time.


Irina’s projects were presented in April in Kosovo’s capital – Pristina. Using Zortrax’s M200 3D printer along with the company’s Z-SUITE software, her fashion projects – which were strongly influenced by Balkan traditions – were all decorated and paired with accessories and jewelry created entirely using 3D printing technology. The Z-ULTRAT material’s latest color series: Pastels, Neons and Nautrals, gave her access to an entire pallet of colors with which to create her fashion accessories and ornaments. Using appropriate printing settings, Irina’s 3D printouts were not only light, but also durable, and went together excellently with the delicate fabrics used in her creations. Irina had Zortrax’s 3D printers running continuously for nearly 200 hours when working on her fashion projects, using about 2000 grams of printing materials. This saved her an incredible amount of time, something ambitious designers often experience the lack of, as well as money – which can now to used to create further pieces for her collection. Perhaps 3D printing will become a standard solution with the most famous designers and at some of the biggest fashion shows around the world.

This is just another example of Zortrax’s commitment to the global fashion industry. Back in 2015, Zortrax was working closely with Danish designer Iris van Herpen, known for her use of innovative solutions when selecting materials for her projects. She obviously couldn’t have ignored the countless possibilities offered by 3D printing technology. Designers often praise Zortrax’s solutions for their high quality, immaculate precision and unparalleled intuitiveness, thanks to which they can quickly and easily create elements to use in their collections.