June 18 was a special day for clubgoers visiting the Heaven Club in Warsaw, Poland. For the first time, they could dance to a beat generated by their own heartbeats. The intriguing music was a spectacular finale of the Heartbeats Project, the Polish extension of Ballantine’s Stay True Stories global campaign. The Heartbeats Project, created and performed by Piotr Bejnar, a renowned DJ and music producer, was a unique live performance with music based on the audience’s live-captured heartbeats. Bejnar’s idea came to fruition thanks to the custom-designed pulse-monitoring bracelets created by the Zortrax M200 3D printer.

The Heartbeats Project

Ballantine’s Stay True Stories is a global campaign promoting people creating and sharing their unique artistic projects. The conclusion of the Polish extension of the campaign took place in the Warsaw’s Heaven Club. After weeks of exhausting rehearsals, DJ Piotr Bejnar performed a one-time live-act by mixing the music with the audience’s live-captured heartbeats wirelessly transmitted straight to his DJ console.

Bejnar’s performance was inspired by one of his historic acts, during which he tapped into a crowd of dancing people, and synchronized his music with the rhythm of their dancing. Bejnar’s idea was to play the instrument everyone already has — the heart. According to mood, activity, or feelings, it changes its rhythm. Capturing that unique beat and making it possible to play within the music spinning in the club required advanced technology.

Zortrax M200 makes dreams come true

The artist’s dream became reality thanks to the innovation of 3D printing technology. The award-winning Zortrax M200 3D printer, created by Zortrax, was used to design and produce the custom-made, wireless bracelets worn by the audience members during the performance. High-quality production and the availability of various materials allowed Bejnar to create devices to completely achieve his vision. The 3D-printed bracelets were equipped with pulse meters and communication modules that wirelessly connected with the DJ’s console, sharing the rhythm of the dance floor with the DJ in the booth.


The Heartbeats Project

The Heartbeats Project


The unique performance

The music performed was live-mixed with the captured heartbeats. The performance was additionally enhanced with custom-designed, spectacular visuals enriching the overall experience. That night the Heaven music club attracted fans of electronic music from across Poland.

I’m really pleased that I was given a chance to realize my biggest artistic dream to date. I love performing live. I love that feeling of dancing people’s emotions under my skin. It is a fantastic feeling to let the clubgoers co-create my music. I send my love and many thanks to all the people who provided me with their own music, all who participated in the event, and shared with me their heartbeats. We created the Heartbeats Project together – said Piotr Bejnar.