Poland’s National Flag Day is one of the country’s youngest national holidays; it established in 2004 by the country’s Parliament in order to promote and publicize Poland’s national identity and the country’s symbols. It is on this day that the President of the Republic of Poland awards representatives and members of distinguished institutions, organizations and associations with an honorary red-and-white flag. Rafał Tomasiak, the founder and CEO of Zortrax, has joined this year’s selected group of distinguished individuals.

The ceremony, which took place at noon in the courtyard of the Belvedere, was attended by the First Lady, the Parliamentary Marshal and numerous Governmental Ministers and Parliamentarians. Poland’s national red-and-white flags were awarded to representatives of both national and foreign organizations and institutions who have made great cultural, charitable and economic contributions. Poland’s President additionally presented state decorations to expatriate Polish activists from such countries as Germany, Ukraine, Sweden, Czech Republic, Australia and South Africa.

I’m glad, because this red-and-white flag is ours. It is shared by all those who live here in Poland. And by those who live abroad, but feel national pride within their hearts – said Andrzej Duda, the President of the Republic of Poland.

This is a great honor – for me and for Zortrax as a company. Since the very beginning, we’ve tried our hardest to proudly represent Poland’s technological industry; nationally and abroad. This honorable distinguishment fills me with great motivation to continue our hard work – said Rafał Tomasiak, founder and CEO of Zortrax.

Historically, Poland’s national colors originate from the colors of the coat of arms of the Polish Kingdom and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Symbolically, the color white comes from the white eagle – featured on Poland’s national coat of arms – and from the Pahonia – a white knight galloping on horseback – on the Lithuanian coat of arms. The color red is present because both coats of arms were featured on red escutcheons.