Zortrax, a European leader in 3D printing technology, has announced that its Model Library, which was previously an integral of the company’s Z-SUITE software, has become a separate feature available to the public via the company’s website: library.zortrax.com.

An excellent tool for everyone

Zortrax’s Model Library is a cost-free tool which will allow users to store all of their 3D-printing projects in one place – having access to them at all times on various different platforms and devices. The Library will eliminate many common problems related to the lack of properly stored and cataloged projects. A built-in search engine greatly reduces the time spent on finding a specific file or element, and the possibility to browse a user’s database based on specific thematic categories will help in locating necessary plans and resources.

The Library is also a place for users to share their experiences and results with one another; a platform through which they can discuss their work and give each other advice. Thanks to the possibility of registering via Facebook, users can comment, add to favorites, download, edit and share the various projects available in the Library on their social media profiles. Thanks to such a solution, users no longer have to build their projects from the ground up – they have access to an entire library of existing models which can be modified to use in their own projects. Being able to comment on selected projects will give users the opportunity to refine their ideas by consulting their decisions with other specialists. Zortrax’s Model Library includes many projects from famous artists such as Samuel Bernier, Joe Bowers, Craig Barr and NIXA.

This is a huge step towards the development of our Model Library; yet another original solution brought to you by Zortrax. Ever since the tool was introduced as a part of our Z-SUITE software it continually expanded, acquiring new projects month after month. We want our Model Library to become a social hub for 3D-printing professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world. For this particular reason, we’ve decided to make our software available to everyone – not just our clients and customers. With its highly intuitive interface and easy registration, I’m am certain that the Zortrax Model Library will soon become one of the largest 3D model databases in the world – says Rafał Tomasiak, CEO of Zortrax.

A source of inspiration

Users who sign-up for the Model Library will gain access to some of Zortrax’s most popular projects; such as the latest Modular Arm (available on the website) Robotic Arm, the Superhero Mask or speaker casings. They will be available together with instructions on how to assemble individual parts and electronic components. Editing complete projects will allow users to make changes to better suit a project to their personal needs, and the possibility to leave a comment will help them exchange opinions about details such as 3D-printing materials or printer settings.

Exclusive offers

In order to celebrate its Model Library becoming public, Zortrax has prepared special promotions that will allow users to try-out all of the best available projects. For a limited time only, when purchasing a package of 4 Z-ULTRTAT printing materials, users will receive a reel of Z-ABS material completely free. There’s even a 10% discount on Zortrax’s M200 3D printer for those interested in starting their very first 3D-printing adventure – or for users which require a little bit of extra printing power. Simply visit the website store.zortrax.com and enter the promotional code: 10%M200.