Zortrax, a European leader in 3D printing technology, has announced delays in the fulfillment of deliveries for its latest Inventure 3D printer. The company would like to apologize to its customers who’ve pre-ordered the device and not yet received it – all current orders will be shipped starting from the end of April. Newly placed orders will being carried out in July 2016. Zortrax’s clients who pre-ordered the 3D printer have been given a choice of either a full reimbursement or a re-order of the device at the same price that it had in December 2015.

This delay has been caused by unexpected problems stemming from the production of a new, water-soluble support material; a printing material which would greatly simplify any treatment processes of already assembled 3D models. Most 3D printing techniques require the manual removal of support materials after a project has been printed. This enables the creation of projects and models that, for example, have protruding parts or elements. Innovative solutions implemented in the Zortrax Inventure have not been made available yet to this market segment of 3D printers, however its composition and unique properties will bring new capabilities to the industry.

Meanwhile, Zortrax has been effectively using this time to make further adjustments and improvements to its Inventure 3D printer. The component which dissolves support materials from finished models is just one of the printer’s elements that have been modified; and now allows users to carefully control and maintain constant temperatures of aqueous solutions used to remove support materials.

Zortrax would like to inform that the situation causing this delay has already been resolved, and that orders will be executed in accordance with the abovementioned details. The company is additionally working on new 3D printer models and printing materials which it hopes to present later this year.