Zortrax is a producer of an integrated 3D printing environment including original 3D printers, different printing materials and dedicated software that allows to create proffessional prints. Polish solution is appreciated and said to be one of the most reliable 3D printers among others in its range. In 2014 users gathered around 3D Hubs chose Zortrax M200 to be the best plug&play device. Thus, it’s not surprising that the printer designed in Olsz-tyn is available for purchase in 49 countries via 84 resellers. At the begin-ning of March, Zortrax presented its offer in India, Guatemala, Czech Republic, Ireland and Ukraine.

What is more, the company is  currently planning to expand the network of its distributors and resellers. At the beginning of this year they established cooperation with iGo3D in Germany, a company that specialises in providing 3D solutions to end users. Thanks to the concluded agreement, they not only distributed Zortrax printers via their own selling channels, but also presented the printer to bigger resellers like MediaSaturn, Conrad or Reichelt. Cooperation with iGo3D will result in selling Zortrax M200 3D printers via retail networks in Germany, like MediaMarkt or Saturn (in Poland Zortrax products are available in RTV Euro AGD). Both companies are planning to cooperate on Russian and Euroasian markets.

„Expanding the network of distributors and resellers is one of our priorities, that’s why we are glad that we can coperate with iGo3D on German market and conduct further negotiations concerning other countries” said Karolina Bołądź, COO Zortrax. „It is vital, that we can already see the results of our actions – a noticeable increase in sales on German market. Proffessional users and small and medium business owners are our main target, so we make a continuous effort to expand the market and appear on new markets.”