Zortrax, the leader in the field of 3D printing, has announced that their 3D printer, M200, has been recognized as the device of 2016 in the Plug ‘n’ Play category by the prestigious 3DHubs.com website.

The 3D printer guide 2016 is a comparison summarizing the opinions of 3D printer users, collected by the service. In order to form their opinions, the reviewers 3D printed 714,300 models, and recording their impressions alone took a total of 638 hours (they can also claim to have a collective experience of using 3D printers totaling 3,962 years). The main factors taken into account included 3D print quality, ease-of-use, build quality, reliability, failure rate, customer service, community, running expenses, software, and value. The ranking included desktop 3D printers divided into categories such as Enthusiast (devices that can be easily expanded with numerous communities), Plug ‘n’ Play (easy-to-use, reliable and ready to work straight out of the box), Kit / DIY (open source hardware and self-assembly), Budget (printers costing less than $1,000) and Resin (printing with curing liquid resin). Every model in the lineup’s top 20 has accumulated at least 20 detailed reviews. It’s no wonder that the 3DHubs.com ranking is widely recognized as the most authoritative in the industry. 3D Hubs is an Internet service where 3D printer owners can receive 3D printing orders from people who don’t have the necessary equipment, and simultaneously the world’s largest 3D printing community.

The Zortrax M200 3D printer was recognized as the best device in the Plug ‘n’ Play category, where the main focus is on reliability, readiness to work out of the box and ease-of-use. Devices rated in this category are also characterized by a robust 3D print quality, a low failure rate and good user support. Polish 3D printer Zortrax M200 got the highest recognition as it received a rating of 9.0. It is one of the most popular 3D printers elected by the 3DHubs.com community and was the highest rated in categories such as print quality, reliability and value-for-money. The M200 is also characterized by ease-of-use, durable construction and the fewest failed 3D prints in the ranking (below 7%). 98% of users would recommend the 3D printer from Poland to others, and the 3D Hubs report emphasizes that it is suitable both for those who are just getting started with 3D printing and for professionals.

“For the second year in a row, our device has won the title of Best 3D printer in the Plug ‘n’ Play category. Since the 3DHubs.com ranking is the largest guide of its kind in the world – and, furthermore, the opinions come from the most reliable reviewers, namely 3D printer users themselves – this honor is a particular source of pride for us. I should mention that in April this year, the M200 was also at the top of the ranking for desktop 3D printers, which was also led by the 3D Hubs service,” said Rafał Tomasiak, CEO of Zortrax. “In designing the M200, our aim was to create hardware that wasn’t available on the market at that time – a device to ensure consistent 3D print quality and reliability without the need for self-assembly or tedious calibration before starting work. An award like the one we have just received confirms that we have managed to fully realize these objectives in line with the best in the world.”

The Zortrax M200 printer offers a high print quality at a low purchase price (the recommended retail price is $1990). The device is targeted at professionals from industries requiring fast prototyping, such as designers, architects, engineers and many others. The Zortrax M200 3D printer is currently sold in 53 countries around the world, including the United States, India, Germany and Poland.

The full version of the report can be found on page https://www.3dhubs.com/best-3d-printer-guide

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