Warsaw, 21 September 2015 – Zortrax, the leader in Polish 3D printing, has revealed the latest version of its software for its 3D printers, Z-Suite V1.2.0, with a new feature – the Model Library – that improves and expedites use.

Ordered Work Brings Effectiveness

The Model Library is a free tool that allows the user to store all their projects in a single location and access them from any device anywhere in the world. The tool eliminates the common problem of disarray among catalogued projects. The inbuilt search engine considerably reduces the time needed to find the desired element, and the option of browsing the available database by specified subject category makes it easier to find the necessary resources.

“The new Z-Suite version is another step in the enrichment of our ecosystem, where all the tools the user needs are in a single location,” says Zortrax COO Karolina Bołądź. “The 3D printer, production materials, and Z-Suite are now accompanied by the Model Library, which will win the hearts of users and attract specialists who want to organize and facilitate their everyday work,” she adds.



Create, Share, Inspire

The Library also enables the sharing of user experience and learning from the know-how of others. The models stored in the application can be commented on, added to favorites, downloaded, and edited. Thanks to this, users no longer have to develop all their project elements from scratch and can take existing models, make slight modifications, use them in their own projects, and discover the views of other experts in the comments section.

“When we were developing the Library, we drew inspiration from social networks, which have completely redefined the world surrounding us,” says Rafał Tomasiak, Zortrax CEO. “The social function is an important aspect of cooperation that lets our users share inspiration and experience to improve their work. Every individual user can contribute to the development of the model database and educate others on 3D printing and its applications. People like this have helped us create a community of creative individuals working with 3D printing and guarantee a constant flow of new projects,” Tomasiak says.

Intuitiveness Made by Zortrax

The Zortrax brand is mainly associated with top-of-the-line 3D printing and user-friendliness. The latest Z-Suite version with the Model Library is no exception, starting with its simple and lightning-quick registration in the system and concluding with the option of editing shared projects. Users will find the application easy to use as it is divided into transparent sections. The Explore tab is for browsing all resources, Latest Projects is used to check recently added models in real time, and the category-based arrangement makes searching for the most urgent projects quick and easy.

The 3D M200 and Robotic Arm by Zortrax at the Model Library Premiere

For the premiere of the Model Library, Zortrax has organized a contest for its users. The main prize is a 3D Zortrax M200 printer. To enter, just log into the Model Library between 21 September and 12 October and upload your original project tagged #Contest2015. The jury will composed of Zortrax engineers will select the winner.

Furthermore, Zortrax has decided to make its long-awaited Robotic Arm model (previously known as KUKA) available for download, including assembly and installation instructions.

To download the model, please go to the dedicated website on the day of the premiere and enter your email address. You will receive instructions and the necessary files. For more information about the Robotic Arm by Zortrax, please visit the brand’s YouTube channel.