Zortrax, a Polish leader on the 3D printing market, is reaching new heights in the sales of its printing materials. Whilst 3D printer sales estimates for 2015 specified a threefold year-to-year increase, printing material sales surged, increasing 4.5-fold.

This trend has progressed in line with our expectations. Widespread use of our Zortrax M200 printer directly results in an increase in demand for our printing materials. Furthermore, thanks to our constant research and development into new printing substances, we have been able to significantly expand our range of offered materials. This has also positively impacted our sales figures“- states Rafał Tomasiak, CEO of Zortrax.

The geographical distribution for this segment generally coincides with our printer sales figures. Europe, Asia and North America lead our charts. Our sales have shown dynamic growth in the US, France, Germany and Korea. We do, however, continue to gain new customers from around the entire world“- he added.

Looking back, printing material sales during the first three quarters of 2015 accounted for 17% of Zortrax’s total revenue. In 2014, the figure stood at less than 10%.

Zortrax is gaining strength in the USA

Zortrax has managed to strengthen its position on the US market this February by reaching an agreement with the owners of the Profound 3D website – Media Supply Inc. The company will be Zortrax’s second distributor in the USA. Media Supply Inc. will be responsible for the eastern regions of the US (distribution in the country’s western states is handled by 3D ProShare). Media Supply Inc. has been operating since 1986. They provide complex printing solutions and materials to governmental agencies, large and small businesses and individual consumers. The company also prepares specialized packages which allow schools to begin educating their students about 3D printing.

By cooperating with this new distributor, we are executing our plan of increasing Zortrax’s presence in the US. Apart from expanding our distribution network, we gain numerous opportunities to work together with smaller companies; helping people develop their businesses together with Zortrax“- says Rafał Tomasiak.

Good forecasts for 2016

We’re hoping to observe yet another significant increase in our printing material sales in the year 2016. This is due to an already noticeable, keen interest in the innovative solutions offered by our new Zortrax INVENTURE printer. This particular 3D printer is capable of printing with two materials simultaneously – one of which is a completely soluble support material. Reseller interest in this model (based on monthly pre-orders) stands at nearly half the average monthly sales of our M200 printer back in 2015.

Zortrax continues to uphold its plans for the company’s debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2016. However, the exact date of such a move will largely depend on the company’s business requirements and ongoing market conditions, which currently aren’t favorable.