Production of the innovative and reliable dissolvable support material requires a complex chemical process, including multiple polymerization of the subsequent fractions under strict conditions – where even minimal deviations from the set values of temperature or pressure, or insufficient purity of the solvents – can cause the entire procedure to fail.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. Our goal is to prevent a shortage of support material, especially since it is the foundation of the Zortrax Inventure ecosystem. To fulfill this goal, we have improved our production line by adapting a completely new facility, equipped with advanced filtering, power supply, and ventilation systems.

We are aware of the demand for the Zortrax Inventure, and will begin offering the product as soon as we are able to provide the necessary amounts of Z-SUPPORT material to meet market demands.

As we work to increase production of Z-SUPPORT material, we would like to remind customers who have already placed their pre-orders, they can withdraw their deposit – with an option to renew their orders – under the same conditions as previously noted, when the product is commercially available. To withdraw a deposit, please contact your seller.

The recently implemented advancements in the Z-SUPPORT material production process will help us to more efficiently bring a refined and reliable product to market.